DHL Greece

Location: Greece Architect: ARIS architects- Aristomenis Mitropoulos Flooring:  Moonless Night ,  Moonless Night Orange

Moonless Night Seamless Tiles & Moonless Night Orange Tiles.

" Our architectural proposal aimed to create a pleasant workplace environment within an open space layout. Thus, we allocated various communal areas at the center of the floor plan, providing the employees with “neighborhoods”, where they can easily interact and cooperate in an informal way. With a limited amount of walls and partitions we decided to use two different colors of the 2tec2 flooring, so as to designate the walkways within the floor plan. The aesthetic result of this application was extraordinary.

In addition to that, this woven vinyl flooring significantly improved the acoustics of the workplaces."

- On behalf of A.R.I.S. Architects S.A., Aristomenis Mitropoulos, civil eng., CEO

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