Ernst & Young

Location: Athens Architect: Konstantinos Lambrinopoulous Flooring:  Planet ,  Juno ,  Eclipse

Ernst & Young Greece will in future be doing its sums on 2TEC2 woven vinyl tiles. The Athens-based office was given a total makeover under the supervision of famous Greek architect, Konstantinos Lambrinopoulos. An admirer of hard-wearing and aesthetic floor covering, he opted for 2TEC2 woven vinyl tiles. It was none other than Ernst & Young itself - the international specialist in auditing, accounting and tax services - which assessed and calculated the proposal: 2TEC2 passed the test with flying colours.

The Athens office has a surface area of 4,500 sqm, half of which is covered with 2TEC2. To achieve a lively, dynamic and varied appearance, the choice fell on a mix from 2tec2’s tile collection: Diamond, Planet, Eclipse and Juno. 

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