Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Comfort Backing

2tec2's noise absorbing flooring

At 2tec2, we promise to deliver premium functionality without sacrificing style. Our Acoustic Comfort Backing technology,  made out of 70% recycled PET, uses a sophisticated technique of multi-layering felt, woven vinyl, and glass fiber for superior sound absorption and comfort.

This innovative flooring method is perfect for any setting, whether behind the closed doors of an executive boardroom, across open workspaces, down sprawling hotel hallways, or beneath the commanding, vaulted ceilings of a government antechamber.

We offer Acoustic Comfort Backing as a standard for all of our rolls, tiles and shapes because we believe premium quality should not be a bonus, but the baseline. Our solutions offer outstanding benefits such as:

• 19 dB impact noise reduction

• 0.15 αw sound absorption

• 70 % walking noise reduction

With Acoustic Comfort Backing, even the loudest footsteps will be silenced, allowing occupants to focus on their task at hand, or simply admire the magnificence of your space.

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