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What Can 2tec2 Deliver for You?

Our experienced team of designers, engineers, craftsman and commercial experts are proud to offer you a beautiful collection of seamless, high-tech woven vinyl flooring that boast the passion, ingenuity and artisanship of Belgian design. Our fast, quality worldwide service is one of our milestones.

We pride ourselves in constantly evolving our production process to provide a high-quality, eco-sensible product for a growing diversity of interiors: workspaces, hospitality, healthcare, public space and retail.

Why else is 2tec2 a sound investment? Our Acoustic Comfort Backing absorbs the patter of footsteps to an imperceptible hush, reducing noise by 70%. Perfect for spaces such as an executive boardroom or a private hotel lobby, where occupants crave discretion.

At 2tec2 we believe every room should be both comfortable and uniquely beautiful. Our functional flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard surface flooring, with the elegant look and feel of carpet.

Castor chair tested, UV resistant, sustainable, fire retardant, heavy-duty use and reinforced with our Acoustic Comfort Backing technology, our woven vinyl floor tiles will enhance your rooms, whether they are in workspaces, hotels, healthcare institutions, public spaces, retail stores or residential areas.

Peruse our expansive collections of rolls and tiles, inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us. Use our 3D simulator and 2tec2 Play, to explore our products and inspire your next architectural design.

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