The History of 2tec2

The Story of 2tec2

A passion for floorings that combines excellence and innovation to produce exquisite designs and materials.

This has been the guiding principle of our founders Katia Dewitte, her husband Philippe Hanet and brother James Dewitte. What began as a small Belgian atelier of stylish floor coverings has quickly flourished.

Katia’s journey began in 1991 with the launch of 2tec2’s sister company, Limited Edition, founded on the renowned Belgian traditions of elegant weaving and design. Katia focused her attention on providing high-quality, custom-made rugs to the residential market.

Soon after, James and Philippe joined Katia, and together they began to build the company from the ground up, carving out a place for themselves in the flooring industry through superior quality, innovation and expertise.

In 2000, the partners launched what would become Limited Edition and 2tec2’s parent company, Le Tissage, purchasing their first weaving looms and taking the leap into industrial manufacturing.

Over the next two decades, the company overtook the industry by storm, purchasing and founding mills to spin, dye, tuft and weave Le Tissage ‘s premier flooring products.

2tec2 - part of the Le Tissage group of companies – was launched in 2005 by James for the project market. Under Philippe’s direction, and with the help of a highly crafted team, 2tec2 evolved into a fully integrated production facility. Together they placed 2tec2 on the world stage among the leading woven-vinyl flooring manufacturers.

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The History of 2tec2

The History of 2tec2